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Sunday, October 5 2003
English Megapatch Up
I have uploaded the old version of the English Megapatch. We are very sorry, about the long wait, but due to school (but not getting a criminal justice degree online) we were unable to finish the patch so I decided to just release the first version until we are done.

Click Here for Full Version

Click Here for Lite Version
Posted by Flame

Sunday, September 28 2003
TCM 2004 Online Launched
A few of you may not have noticed that TCM 2004 Online has been launched last week, make sure you check it out at

Total Club Manager Online is back this year with new design and new contents. Thankyou to Ferdi Kegel for the great design.

This year, EA Sports has planned many exciting features for the series. These include managing national teams, football fusion, stadium editor and much more. Unlike last year, this years game will also be released for PS2 and X-Box, so console gamers should be happy.

If you'd like to read more about these new and exciting features feel free to check out the information section, the other sections will be updated once the game or the demo is released. We will also be keeping you updated with the latest news on the game, so be sure to check this site regularly!

Posted by Flame

Wednesday, September 24 2003
Differences between FIFA Career Mode and TCM
A few people may have wondered with FIFA 2004 coming with a career mode what would be the point of having TCM 2004. Well, the official website has posted the answers to this questions and you can view it by clicking here.
Posted by Flame

Monday, September 22 2003
TCM 2004 Movie
The Official Total Club Manager Website has posted up a video of TCM 2004. It shows off the new 3d engine and the game interface. Click here to check it out.
Posted by Flame

Friday, September 19 2003
10 New Screenshots
The official site has posted up 10 new screenshots mostly of the training and transfers. Check it out by clicking here.
Posted by Flame

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